Did You Know solar power is saving lives in Africa?

Inventive Africa

Electricity remains to be a difficulty in many parts of Africa. Even where there is a access to a grid, there are problems with reliability. Many African cities run to the song of generators firing up during times of blackout and even then it is not everyone that is fortunate to have a generator, or the money for the fuel to run it. According to the IEA, World Energy Outlook 2016, sub-Saharan Africa had an urban electrification rate of 63% and a rural rate of just 19%! It is not only households that struggle when access to electricity is limited. Local businesses are in some cases impossible. Coldstores, internet cafes and even bars and restaurants are all either impossible to set up in some areas, or very challenging and costly to run.

There are many schemes and innovations that have been set up to offer renewable solutions. The Solar…

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